Trying something new (WoW, Rift)

Sometimes it’s fun to just try a new way to play a character, or a new approach to a challenge. Here’s two examples from my gaming this weekend that inspired this thought.

Last night we were leveling our next pair of alts in Stormheim (boring to repeat solo intro, rest of the zone is really great). We got to the point where you start using the Stormforged grapple launcher and this happened…

Spider Bear and his flying tortoise

Spider Bear and his flying tortoise

I laughed so hard the first time I saw this, my pet turtle flying through the air besides me with his mouth wide open – I could easily imagine him like a joyous dog that holds its head out of an open car window, mouth open and tongue lolling, as it enjoys the rush of air. We used the grapple launcher a lot in this particular area so I took a lot of similar screenshots as we were playing.

I’ve started investigating Survival Hunter, whereas I’ve mostly stuck to one spec/weapon for my main characters. The idea of melee Hunter in WoW has interested me since it was first mentioned during Legion’s development. It’s a completely different playstyle for the class, I’m not sure I’ll swap completely to it as it’s less practical for group content, but it seems fun for questing and the damage output is pretty high.

Sadly I have no screenshots of living opponents for this new spec...

Sadly I have no screenshots of living opponents for this new spec…

Earlier in the weekend I was leveling my Cleric through Goboro Reef and I reached a point where I had to close a water rift and then a fire rift. I conjured a water rift using my lure and closed it solo no problem, although it did end prematurely due to the intervention of the quest’s story. There was already a fire rift open nearby, however, so without thinking I just started on that. All went well until phase 4, the final phase before closing the rift (there was no way I’d beat the timer to push it further), whereby I became utterly stuck on simple swarms of fire bugs. I tried my Druid build with tanking satyr pet, said pet died in seconds and me shortly afterwards. I tried my previous solo build (Inquisicar), built around self-healing and a good measure of the tanking soul’s toughness, again these bugs put out so much damage I was dying really quickly. Almost at the point of giving up, having shouted in zone for help and got no response, I decided on a whim to try to create a new area damage build. So I did some quick research about which souls to chose, and then built my own mixture of the Cabalist, Defiler & Inquisitor souls.


This gave me an array of area damage spells, some with a damage over time component, others that stun or root groups of enemies and even a ticking time-bomb spell that does no damage until it expires. Layering these different attacks, and keeping on the move while stunning and rooting the groups, made the fights suddenly so much easier: so long as I interrupted or move away from their coordinated blasts of fiery breath it was fine. It really gave me a sense of satisfaction and achievement to have solved the problem myself and to have discovered another radically different way of playing this character.

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4 Responses to Trying something new (WoW, Rift)

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Back when I was still playing Rift during Storm Legion, I used a Druid/Justicar/Inquisitor build that did absolutely insane amounts of AE damage and self-healed me to boot. The bigger the pull, the better. I don’t know if it’s still a valid build, though, since you know… 2 expansion and however many updates since I used it. Still and all, it seems to me that something similar would be out there.

    FWIW… combat looked like this: Much fun!

    • pkudude99 says:

      And now in looking at it, the skill names indicate it was Druid/Shaman/Justicar…..

      • pkudude99 says:

        And also FWIW — here’s the build. Like I said… no idea if it’s still any good, but… there ya go anyway 😉

      • Telwyn says:

        Thanks, I’ll have a look. I read about Shaman based builds for dps, it’s a bit confusing what is relevant as so many threads and discussions are quite old. It’s definitely important to actually spend some time on these builds, just like in TSW, something that I’ve never really done with Rift in the past but am much more interested in thesedays.

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