Rift and WoW – the PVP flag issue

There are two world bosses up in WoW since yesterday, so we jumped into game as our normal trio to get those done early. In previous weeks we’ve not been free on a Wednesday and it gets rapidly harder to find the necessary pug raid to kill such bosses after the first few days. There is a tool, not quite as automated as the Dungeon and Raid Finder tools, that offers a way to look for groups advertising raids to tackles these bosses. After the first couple of days this tool is usually our only hope of taking a boss down.

Wasting time trying to heal a target I can't heal...

Wasting time trying to heal a target I can’t heal…

The first of the bosses we tackled was an imp-mother bonus boss in Suramar, it didn’t seem very popular as there wasn’t a group forming even when we arrived, so we queued using the aforementioned tool, and as usual got dumped in a group of randoms from various servers – half of which were PVP flagged. This aspect of pug-raid play in WoW really annoys me – I play two main-spec healers for the level 110 content and not being able to heal half the raid is so frustrating. It reminded me of my older experiences of public quest content in Rift, where there was almost an expectation from elements of the community to flag.

No mention of PVP here

No mention of PVP here

At least half of the time we’re dumped onto a PVP server anyway with this tool so I’m auto-flagged – sadly the tool doesn’t provide a warning that you’re joining a PVP-realm group and the majority of such groups, based purely on anecdotal experience, seem to be on PVP realms. It would be very nice if Blizzard could fix the tool to allow a toggle “exclude pvp group/realm” option or similar when searching.

I can contrast this with my more recent experiences of public content in Rift: the game has evolved quite a bit since I was last playing regularly. The faction divide has been lowered almost totally, meaning that I now regularly group both with fellow Defiants and one-time-foes from the Guardian faction.

Tackling a group with two Guardian heroes

Tackling a group with two Guardian heroes

Healing in Rift’s public content is now so much more viable, since all players in the group regardless of faction are counted as friendly targets. I’ve not yet seen any problems with not being able to heal other characters because of PVP flag status.

Healing in Instant Adventures - faction is irrelevant

Healing in Instant Adventures – faction is irrelevant

I’m not expecting Blizzard to head in this direction (less emphasis on faction) from this anytime soon, but it would be nice if we could at least have an option to avoid PVP given that I have always played on a PVE-RP server in the game…

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  1. kaozz says:

    Not sure if you like to use addons but ‘World Quest Group Finder’ alleviates a lot of what you commented on in WoW. It will find a world boss group for you, even world quests that allow you to group with others, it gives a conformation box to join or decline, queues you up or even starts a group. My son had me install it, it really is a great little addon, there are so many good ones out there I cannot keep up with them all. I was complaining about PvP servers as well, but there is an option to not join groups on PvP servers too. Maybe that will help you out some 🙂

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