WoW: keeping it fresh and dungeon experiments

I’ve played enough of the Legion expansion to feel a bit bored with my main characters – there’s a bit of the Suramar questline left to do on my Druid but otherwise he’s mostly done with the expansion until this questline gets expanded in the next major patch. Of course there’s some stuff always to do, but grinding endless AP for tiny incremental increases isn’t my thing, nor is running Mythic + dungeons or raids for teeny, tiny ilevel improvements.

Stop yawning cat, it's rude

Stop yawning cat, it’s rude

My Paladin healer is likewise pretty much finished, I’ll not be doing Suramar on more than one character and he’s done his class hall and is nearly completed on filling out his Holy artifact weapon’s talent tree. So to keep things fresh a bit longer I’m looking at other alts to play going forward. I still have a bit more to finish on my Shaman healer: his weapon is less upgraded. But he’ll be done soon enough and then it’s on to characters that I’ve not yet even levelled to 110 yet.


I’ve started levelling a Hunter now, a class I’ve not ever really played that much. In Legion, Hunter seems to have come into its own in a way – so many fights in group content (dungeons and raids) are high movement fights – so a class that can use all its abilities on the move is suddenly very appealing. Knowing the zones now means we pick and chose to some extent what content to do and what to skip, repeating some of the content is unavoidable in order to level and gear the new alt but I’m somewhat averse to rerunning zones without more of a gap in-between.

Angry panda

Angry panda

There are other aspects to keeping it fresh though beyond which alt I’m playing at the moment. Playing with a wider group of people from my moderately large guild brings the occasional insight into how to approach dungeon fights from new angles. In a recent run of Halls of Valour (Mythic), a guild-mate told us how to climb up onto the overlooking hill to skip a particularly nasty group of trash mobs – easy to do if you ever thought to try it. It is not always possible to induldge in such experimental gameplay, some fights or areas are too restrictively designed, but when we find a new way of tackling something it always makes me happy.

There are quite a few different ways to tackle Fenryr...

There are quite a few different ways to tackle Fenryr…

Legion requires a lot of repeat dungeon runs on a given character, so if you play alts you can multiply that repetition up quickly enough. Having people to play with who like to try different approaches to the same fights or challenges then is important to me – repeating the exact same rote runs through such instances, especially if its just for the sake of speed or efficiency, quickly leads to boredom (IMHO).

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