SWTOR: zones and faction impressions

Have you ever had a different impression, negative or positive, of a zone in a MMORPG because of one faction’s story versus the other’s?

Flapping the skies of Alderaan once more

Flapping the skies of Alderaan once more

I’m currently playing through Alderaan on my Imperial Agent, and have found the planetary storyline (it is faction-specific in SWTOR) to be very engaging. I have played Alderaan once before on our Imperial trio but I don’t remember the story as standing out particularly when I was playing a Bounty Hunter.


There’s some great interaction between your character and the murky, fractious politics of this divided world. Although the politics does feature equally for Republic-side characters, I’m left with the feeling that the Imperial story is more impactful and has some less obvious  plot-developments. It might just be that this world ‘suits’ my Agent’s class and personality more than it did other characters so I’m identifying with the story more for those reasons.


I’ve also been especially engaged by the Killiks this time around, probably because of the extra dimension that the Imperial Agent’s own class story brings (no spoilers in comments please!). The Killiks are pretty borg-like but more subtle a threat, perhaps – the people of Alderaan can and do negotiate with the Killiks. I liked the presentation of that threat on the Republic-side well enough, but I have the impression it’s handled better Imperial-side. I may have to replay the planet on a Republic character now, to refresh my memory for the comparison!

These zones, that I have played through four times already, have managed to present me with a fresh perspective on the planet. So not all content in MMORPGs has to lack repeat-play value, I’d say that’s one of SWTOR’s strengths.

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  1. My personal experience has been that most planets in SW:TOR are more interesting as an Imperial character, with the most stark example being Taris. Imperial Taris is pretty much the only planetary story I don’t mind repeating.

    More broadly, I can also think of a fair few zones in WoW that were more interesting as one faction versus another. Southern Barrens comes to mind immediately; both versions are good, but the Horde story is one of the best in the game, whereas the Alliance version is just decent. On the other hand, the Howling Fjord is definitely a more interesting experience when played on an Alliance character versus a Horde one. Ditto Ashenvale.

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