WoW: alt characters and repeating content

Since returning to the game last August, one of the side projects to my World of Warcraft sessions has been to finally get a Horde character caught up to the current expansion. We’ve always played a lot of alt characters in this MMO, end-game wasn’t that appealing (or accessible) to me or friends so alt leveling was a good way of passing the time between content patches. Up until Mists of Pandaria I had kept a kind of balance between the factions – with a clear bias towards Alliance – but I had leveled Horde characters to the cap several times. My engagement with the Pandaria and Draenor expansions, however, was so late in each expansion’s cycle and so short-lived that I didn’t make any real effort with Horde character leveling.


We’ve been slowly leveling a trio of Hordies (I have a Troll priest) through Pandaria and Legion via dungeon runs. My husband and I wanted to see Frostfire Ridge, the one Warlords of Draenor zone we’d never played through (the Horde starter zone). It was good to see this ‘fresh’ content finally, but after playing the zone’s main story we then used dungeons again to level through the rest of the expansion – I’ve done the Draenor zones on enough characters to be bored with re-running the same quests.


I feel I’ve probably reached the same point in Legion, starting Azsuna again on a fifth character (my priest) doesn’t appeal at the moment. The storytelling in the latest expansion is really good, but does this also make the content less repeatable? I think perhaps it is the combination of super fast leveling and highly directed stories in the zones. When we first started playing leveling was much slower and you didn’t have instant high level characters. Unless I created several alts at once, and played them in parallel, the time between repeating zones was not nearly as close as it is now.

Azsuna tour mark 4

Azsuna tour mark 4

This issue of repeatability extends forward past the leveling in Legion to the end-game and the Class Halls system. Although the Class Halls encourage alt play by their class-specific storylines and lore, they also have a lot of overlaps and systems that are identical. Likewise Suramar, it’s a beautifully designed zone with layers of quests to complete, but the majority of the play-through will be the same each time you repeat it.


Although I want to level various classes through the expansion, I think that will have to wait some time, I can focus on world quests and the upcoming patches (7.1.5 this week and eventually 7.2) on my druid for now.

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