WoW: Diablo’s anniversary in Azeroth

While running around Fel Hold in Suramar doing some mining yesterday, I suddenly noticed a Treasure Goblin in the distance. Before I could reach him (there were a lot of demons in the way) he’d opened a portal and vanished – the portal also closed before I could click it.

I asked my husband about it and he mentioned that the Diablo anniversary link-up must now be active in World of Warcraft. Later on when back in-game again we heard via guild chat that the easiest place to find one of these goblins is in the Dalaran Sewers. On our PVE realm the players for the most part seemed to be focused on getting the goblins dead at the right moment so the portal stays open – I hate having to venture in the sewers even with the personal guard because I’m just that averse to PVP.

Not my favourite place

Not my favourite place

In any case I managed to get through the portal to see what lies beyond: in a nod to the Cow Level of Diablo, you end up on a farm with diabolic cows and the ‘Cow King’.


Looting said King gave me several scrolls of town portal as consumable items and a music item that plays a Diablo tune. There are also some miscellaneous buff scrolls too. The Cow King is only lootable once per day, the goblins also drop loot however. There’s a random chance for a book that allows you to convert ten of the town portal scrolls into a toy ‘Tome of Town Portal‘ (i.e. account wide!). This appears, according to the Wowhead description,  to be giving us a second hearthstone binding. [Edit: comments  have clarified this, it’s the same binding as the hearthstone]. Time is short: the event runs until January the 11th – time to get farming goblins for those scrolls!

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