SWTOR: KOTET, some first impressions

I’m now on chapter 5 of 9 playing through the new(ish) Knights of the Eternal Throne storyline. I played chapter one as a trial before the New Year weekend, then upon returning I subbed-up to get access to the rest.


I’m loving the story so far, as a direct continuation of events in the previous Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. The events so far are a heady mix of drama and humour, the action seems to be a bit tighter – less wading through endless robotic opponents and more focus on meaningful encounters.

Just under halfway through and there’s a balance of content types to the chapters as well. Some are explorative in nature, building no doubt on later chapters in KOTFE, others are more about the action and high-stakes drama.


I guess the one vaguely negative thought I have so far is the clash between strong-narrative direction and player choices (or lack thereof) over companions. Prior to the KOTFE/KOTET era, it seemed rarer for the game’s story to railroad you into having a specific companion – except when a new companion was being introduced. In KOTFE and, so far, in KOTET the story often dictates which companions you have along for the ride. That irks me somewhat as I want a specific companion for this character but often am lumbered with Lana or someone else for plot reasons.

A partial solution is probably for me to focus less on story and more on repeatable content once I’ve finished a first play-through of the new chapters. Unlike during the KOTFE era, I should actually start to properly explore the Star Fortress content and, maybe, some group content. If I play non-chapter solo/small-group content then I’ll get free choice of who I bring along. That does clash with my long-held goal of leveling an Imperial Agent – he’s now level 24 so some progress has been made. However, I’m rather tempted to start a second character on KOTFE (probably my Trooper), so I can start a fresh play-through of the new content as a chance to make different story choices…

Agent progress underway...

Agent progress underway…

I have some gorgeous screenshots that I want to share in later posts, but they are bound to be spoilerific so that’ll have to wait for future posts. The visuals for the new worlds and space scenes in KOTET really are something else!

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  1. I share your frustration with the lack of companion choice (though it didn’t bother me as much this time since I mainly wound up with companions I would have used anyway), but otherwise I was very impressed by KotET. A very tight, intense story.

    I would definitely recommend sticking with the agent if you can find the time. Chapter one is a little slow, but the last two chapters are amazing. Possibly the best story in the game.

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