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Rift: roadblock quests

Before the weekend I came across an example in Rift of what I’ve decided to call a ‘roadblock quest’, one that I need to complete in order to continue the main storyline of the expansion, but one that isn’t doable … Continue reading

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SWTOR: embracing rogue gameplay

I’ve never liked playing rogues in World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG actually. I have tried to play it a few times but I just didn’t like the melee-only combat, positional ability-use and such. With the Imperial Agent and, … Continue reading


“Let’s play something else”

My husband and I have a long gaming history together. Back before 2007 – when we tried WoW and discovered the virtual delights of MMORPGs – playing something else would usually mean buying a PC game box, buying two boxes … Continue reading

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Trying something new (WoW, Rift)

Sometimes it’s fun to just try a new way to play a character, or a new approach to a challenge. Here’s two examples from my gaming this weekend that inspired this thought. Last night we were leveling our next pair … Continue reading

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Gaming mix in early 2017

My current MMORPG gaming mix has changed somewhat since coming back from the holidays, as usual I have more stalwart games than I can find time to play so I have my usual shortlist that I try to concentrate on … Continue reading

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Rift and WoW – the PVP flag issue

There are two world bosses up in WoW since yesterday, so we jumped into game as our normal trio to get those done early. In previous weeks we’ve not been free on a Wednesday and it gets rapidly harder to … Continue reading

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WoW: keeping it fresh and dungeon experiments

I’ve played enough of the Legion expansion to feel a bit bored with my main characters – there’s a bit of the Suramar questline left to do on my Druid but otherwise he’s mostly done with the expansion until this … Continue reading

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