2017 gaming resolutions

Hot on the heels of my review of last year’s gaming goals, here’s some new ones for 2017.

1. Back to the Stars.

I have had a very fantasy-heavy Autumn/Winter in 2016, so it’s time for me to indulge in some SWTOR space travel. I popped back into the game just to trial the first chapter of the KOTET chapter and it was so good to be rocking around the galaxy in my Jedi Defender once more (a review of that will follow next week!).

Immediate plans are to sub up in Jan and get the rest of KOTET’s story played. I have also snuck in a couple of sessions of Imperial Agent in between Christmas and New Year, my “do what it takes” dark-side Agent went the sneaky/stabby Operative route for his advanced class. So far I’m loving the combination of stealth gameplay (which I enjoy in SWTOR anyway!) and the various knife and stun skills.

Slinking through the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa

Slinking through the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa

At level 26 I’ve not played him in any group content, however, which leads me on to the second goal for the year:

2. Group up more

It’s hardly news to anyone that playing solo is a common experience in MMORPGs in 2016, but I’ve reached the point where just solo leveling a lot of the time isn’t rewarding enough. Admittedly playing SWTOR again gives me a singular focus on story once more, but for the few weeks that I’ve been back in LOTRO, I have found it increasingly frustrating just how overwhelmingly concentrated grouping is at the end-game. I still haven’t taken the plunge on trying a level agnostic dungeon in EQ2 yet either.

Fun with friends

Fun with friends

So in 2017 I’m going to be looking at how much these games support grouping and what the experience is like in them. The big part of my World of Warcraft experience remains to this day the stuff I do with close friends – it’s what draws me back every expansion. I can guarantee I wouldn’t be playing WoW still if it was solo. So I want to put more effort into finding the same experiences in other games. I may well later in 2017 also dip back into Rift to look at the Starfall Prophecy expansion – that’s a game that offers easy-grouping fun up on a platter in several flavours and at all levels.

3. Expansions

I’ve already mentioned both KOTET and Starfall Prophecy as expansions I’m interested in for 2017 (it is a whole 12 months of gaming), but I also haven’t yet purchased the Kunark Rising expansion for EQ2. I’ll certainly want to get into that at some point in the year, probably as soon as I’ve sufficiently scratched my “Star Wars itch”. I have two level-capped, though hopelessly undergeared, characters. I’ll try the expansion as I am (not having played the Thalumbra-timeline), but am open to going backwards to then go forwards if necessary, or to use any gear-checks as an excuse to finally work on my Shadowknight’s Armorer levels…

4. Crafting ++

I’ve had some fun in the last month leveling my Woodworking class in EQ2, I still have some way to go of course. As just mentioned, I may want to work on leveling Armorer next on my Sarnak Shadowknight if gearing up is needed – or I could go look what’s on the broker of course. In any case when I do get around to playing the expansion, it’ll hopefully be with a level-capped tradeskiller so that I can finally experience both the adventurer and crafting quest-chains for an expansion.

A more 'productive' use of my gaming time...

A more ‘productive’ use of my gaming time…

5. Something new?

I’ll leave a fifth, open-ended, goal for 2017 to end this post. I may want to try a new game entirely at some point in the next twelve months, although none of the new games on the horizon (Massively OP has a list here) immediately grab me – I like the glimpseĀ  Peria Chronicles in the recent trailer but then that may not even be available via beta in Europe by the end of next year.

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  1. I too have had trouble being a solo player in a predominately multiplayer team game. My own gaming resolution is simple: play more games. Yet, it’s hard to complete with so little time and a busy schedule.

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