2016 gaming resolutions reviewed

Back in January I did a ‘gaming resolutions’ post for the first time, here’s a quick review of those resolutions and how I’ve done!

1. Get to that Cap

100% for the first goal of the year – I reached cap in LOTRO (once) and EQ2 (twice) over the course of the year. Very happy to finally have characters that can experience new content as it releases in both games.

All caught up in LOTRO

All caught up in LOTRO

2. Keep up with the story in SWTOR

Not so good for this, as I’ve only played one chapter of the new expansion KOTET. I’ll come back to this in 2017 no doubt to get caught up once more. I was up-to-date for much of the year but the new expansion has put me behind now.

Falling behind...

Falling behind…

3. Chua time

Although I did play more Wildstar in 2016 it was mostly solo on my Engineer (to reach the cap and explore Arcterra). I’ve barely logged into my Chua all year, so a definite miss on this goal. Sadly cuteness isn’t enough to get past the lack of time to play this game.

4. Building a proper home

An almost complete hit here; I’ve certainly continued to fill my homes in Everquest 2 with memorabilia as I leveled the two characters – I’m particularly happy with the display of antique weapons in my Inquisitor’s apartment. I haven’t made any progress with decorating Kromzek Keep but I think that’s because it’s just too large for me to find an easy starting point. I did also finally get a house in LOTRO in 2016, although I’m lacking decorations as yet, it’s a start.


So I made one goal comfortably, partially met two more and pretty much failed on the remaining one. How did you do with your gaming resolutions this year?


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