Although I’ve not been playing SWTOR of late, I have been keeping an eye on the game with a view to returning to play through the latest expansion – Knights of the Eternal Throne (KOTET) – at a convenient moment. It happens that while I was a way that I read over at Massively OP that there are 5th anniversary goodies on offer by visiting a vendor on fleet – reason enough to get back in the game!

Sweet, a holo-trainer!

Sweet, a holo-trainer!

However, as the game patched I then noticed the offer for free access to chapter 1 of KOTET until January 3rd. I have a few days at home before embarking on travels again so it seemed like a perfect opportunity, not to play the whole expansion, but to grab some anniversary freebies and a peak at the new story arc.


Signing up for this ‘trial’ was easy enough, login to the website and re-subscribe to the e-mail newsletter for SWTOR – honestly, I’m shocked I’m not currently signed-up for this! There’s an additional sweetener to this trial deal – if you subscribe before the trial ends on the 3rd January, then you get 500 bonus Cartel Coins. I already decided to use some of my Christmas money for a month of sub anyway, so the extra coins from first signing up to the trial are a nice bonus.


Since I watched the Rogue One film last week, I’ve been feeling the need for some Star Wars virtual universe gaming again, so it is rather good timing for me to scratch that itch and get some freebies at the same time.

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  1. Shintar says:

    But you didn’t say what you thought of the first chapter! Or is that going to be the next post? 🙂

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