MMO gaming isn’t so mobile

All week I’ve been away from home visiting relatives. We’ve been busy doing non-MMO activities (including some Magic The Gathering!), so I’ve barely set foot in a virtual world all week. That absence from gaming has been deepened by just how unwieldy these games are in 2016.

One computer had an up to date version of WoW installed (I’m not subbed at the moment due to all this travel). Copying that to a second computer was a mission – 50GB copied over wi-fi would take most of a day.

The LOTRO install on one computer was so old it wouldn’t connect to the patching servers anymore and I couldn’t find any useful answers online to fix it. Another computer also had LOTRO installed but it was so out of date that it took over six hours to patch it up to a playable state.

Finally I went with the streaming client for EQ2 to allow me to jump in earlier in the installation/patching process. The game runs very, very badly on this computer though as it’s an aging laptop, and the client freezes often when it starts downloading more content.

So if I wasn’t so busy with non-gaming stuff I’d be pretty frustrated by now at all the time spent just getting games into a (partially) playable state…

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