TSW: The Christmas Conspiracy

We decided to try and find something to do in The Secret World together as a trio last night, although I hadn’t found details of any new mission additions for 2016 Krampusnacht festive event. Strangely it appears we missed giving this event a go on previous years, I guess our Decembers’ are always occupied by other gaming. So it was a pleasant surprise to receive notification of “The Christmas Conspiracy” upon logging in, a puzzle mission that none of us had done before.


I had a blast doing this mission, as I always avoid posting spoilers there’s not that much I can say in any detail. The mission is based on Mozart’s opera, die Zauberflöte (the Magic Flute). The Funcom devs have done their usual sterling job of weaving conspiracy, myth and real world references to make for a compelling storyline.


It’s a full on puzzle mission, although longer than I expected given the counter only showing three stages. If you are musically gifted, as my husband happens to be, then you may find it easier to work out the puzzles without cheating. I was too distracted by the odd appearence of German for the lyrics or quote cited in that language. It occured to me that I’ve never seen this opera, that may have to be rectified now I know something about the plot!


The mission almost qualifies for a dungeon without combat, it’s a good length and there’s only a couple of easy-ish combats to deal with. Even if it’s old news now to most, it was a nice little festive stocking filler of content when we had a spare evening with no obvious game to play together.


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  1. Sylow says:

    Nice review. It’s especially amusing since for me any music oriented mission is hell. Or at leat it formerly was, by now luckily the developers understood that some players (like me) just lack the musical knowledge to do such things. [When the game was new, i for one mission recorded the sound and sent a e-mail with it to a friend, who is leading a chorus, asking “could you please…” It worked, but it also felt strange to do that. ]

    The fix they came up with is nice, though. By now the notes on this and all other music oriented missions also are color coded. So where i formerly was like “yes, the second was higher than the first, but the third was lower than the second, so maybe the third is between first and second, or lower than the first, and i could not tell” i now can see the colors and sort things out. They even went so far and gave the buttons on the flute the same colors, which is the only reason why this mission is playable for me. 🙂

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