EQ2: Frostfell is here

In my last solo session of Everquest 2 I dived into the Frostfell festival. I’ve done bits of this on three different characters over the years as to where any given character has reached in the series of quests that are added annually.


The zone is packed full of content like an overstuffed stocking. I’d never noticed the path leading up a hill in the south that leads to a quest to race around the ice grabbing items from frozen gelatinous cubes.


I failed the one attempt I had at it due to running out of time, and I wanted to crack on with this year’s new quest so I’ll have to give that another go some other time. The new quest, Little Lost Goblin, takes you to the Frostfell Workshop and beyond in the search of, well, a little lost goblin.


I did the new quest in about 30-40 minutes, a good amount of time was spent poking my nose around unfamiliar zones and having fun with the special mechanic for the second half. I won’t go into spoilers here but a hint is given in-game that you need an item and, it can be deadly if you don’t realise or fail to use it!


The rewards include housing items, as I would expect for EQ2, so there are new trophies in my Inquisitor’s little apartment now. Time to figure out what other Frostfell activities this character hasn’t done!





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  1. bhagpuss says:

    That race for the cubes is very, very hard. I managed to do it once on the year it first appeared but it took me a lot of tries. I tried it this year but I lost patience pretty quickly. It’s actually the only Frostfell quest I don’t enjoy.

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