LOTRO: historian repeating itself

I’ve continued to play LOTRO alongside my other games recently, finishing off the new epic quests in Update 19 on my champ main. Overall I really enjoyed the latest update, although I’ve not engaged with the mass flower-picking for gear upgrade activity as yet.

Much collecting to do

Much collecting to do

As is often the case for me, the unexpected may takeover any plans for my gaming time and I’ve ended up picking up an old Rune-Keeper alt and digging into leveling him. Crafting is very much part of the LOTRO experience for me, so he had to have a vocation to develop as he journeys through Middle Earth. This choice wasn’t so easy since I have already all of the professions covered. However, not so long ago I’d spent a good amount of time developing my Warden’s weaponsmithing, a character can only belong to one crafting guild, so the same character’s scholar studies were for ever limited by that focus on weapons.

Choices, choices...

Choices, choices…

So my new(ish) Rune-Keeper is going to be the other kind of historian – the sort that spends his time with books rather than antique swords and axes. The Warden already had spent a chunk of time and resources in his own scholarly pursuits, but leveling professions aren’t that hard in LOTRO so I’ve just forged on with this new character as a replacement scholar. He’ll not be wasting any materials on old weapons though!

The other kind of historian at the forge

The other kind of historian at the forge

Questing in Breeland is always a joy, it’s a very memorable and nicely constructed zone, including the Barrow-downs of course. I see a surprising number of other players around actually, not just the high levels charging through on their fancy horses, but also characters actually out killing monsters and clicking quest items. Good to see that the game’s population (at least on Laurelin-EU) is still active.

Entrance to The Maze

Entrance to Great Barrow

The one frustration I’ve had so far is the lack of groups for The Maze, the first group dungeon in the game. Although I see LFG messages looking for groups for Sambrog (the final of three wings of this dungeon trio), I’ve not seen any adverts for the first part – and had no response from trying to start a group myself. Perhaps I should start looking for a more active kin if this is going to be an ongoing issue, levelling a healer without any chance to practice grouping doesn’t sound like a very good idea…

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