EQ2: public dungeoneering

Although I was expecting to spend my next EQ2 session crafting, in the end it was a return to the cat and mouse duo started during the summer. When the opportunity to play them again came around I was inspired to try a public dungeon – the characters are level 15 so the Wailing Caves (level range 10-20) seemed a good bet.


Playing low-level characters in almost any MMORPG these days is a bit of a cakewalk, as a game expands upwards in levels the difficulty curve tends to get stretched or distorted by revamps to stats and gear, usually with the result that early content is a snooze-fest of ease. Even duoing such a dungeon (max group size is six in EQ2), didn’t seem like it was going to prove any real challenge as the mobs in the early rooms fell very quickly to our character’s combined onslaught.

Now, these are a bit tougher.

Now, these are a bit tougher.

Heading in deeper though and the difficulty quickly ramped up, not only were the orc skeletons and assorted cave critters nearer our level but they were increasingly elite mobs with a lot more health. This slowed us down but not by too much, we’re a tank+healer duo after all, plus I have a vicious wolf familiar! We’d skipped some of the early room critters as they were so easy to kill, we even discovered you could quickly ‘leash‘ monsters by running down a corridor or slope – I thought monsters were more persistent than that in EQ2, at least in the open world.

A fateful door...

A fateful door…

That was when Norrath decided our naive arrogance had gone on long enough and as we opened a door were surprised by a ^^^ orc boss and four assistants, I believe we may even have had some extras from the corridor as well. In any case cat and mouse experienced their first party wipe of their young adventuring lives.


Releasing and running back in we were very glad of the short leash on these creatures – the majority of what we had fought coming in were back already and it would have been a bit disheartening to have to start from scratch. We run almost all the way back to the door and with foresight and coordination, we managed to slay the Weaponsmith and his goons. Early dungeon experiences can be a lot of fun, especially when we’re clueless about what lies ahead!


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3 Responses to EQ2: public dungeoneering

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Ah the Wailing Caves. Quit giving me nostalgia, you!

  2. bhagpuss says:

    EQ2 open-world dungeons by and large all begin with an area intended for soloing. Wailing Caves is solo pretty much all the way down to that bit where the spikes come out of the ground – unless you go down the ramp to where the skeletons are, at least if I remember correctly.

    Further in, as you go into the buildings and venture either further underground or upstairs, it gets a LOT tougher. Unless you’re heavily twinked I think that even these days an at-level duo will need to take it pretty steadily. EQ2 dungeons are big, too. Very easy to get out of your depth and then find you have no idea how to get out!

    • Telwyn says:

      That’s something my friend commented on actually. Once we got past the spikes it was really nice to have so many doors and directions to choose from – it’s unusual in a more modern MMORPG for a dungeon to have that feeling that you could get lost while exploring!

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