EQ2: progress and delay

I’ve made some good progress in Everquest 2 since I last posted on the game. Most of my time with the game has been focused on leveling my Inquisitor to 100 and attuning him for the Kunark Ascending expansion. There’s a handy web tool, the Adventure Report at EQ2U, that gives a snapshot of how well prepared a given character is. I finally dinged him 100, appropriately enough, within the familiar confines of Karnor’s Castle.


So he is finally at the cap and has now done all of the necessary attunements and pre-requisite quests to enter the new expansion. Since then I’ve had a really busy week and know that the upcoming weeks are likely to be rather busy too. It’s that time of year, with Christmas rushing closer, and the attendant whirl of parties and preparations. It’s also a bad time of year to be treating myself to an expansion, it feels rather churlish to be buying myself a treat so soon to Christmas. So I’m going to hold off on buying the expansion for now, I’ll have some money from family for sure, so I can always grab it after the 25th.


This all means I have a pause before launching into, and having my EQ2 gaming time dominated by, the new expansion’s content. In this pause in my character’s onwards adventures, I’m considering focusing on some crafting. The game has a more involved crafting system than most of the MMORPGs that I play – crafting is a separate level to your character’s adventuring class. I’ve not really committed to leveling a crafting class properly so far in EQ2, so this self-imposed delay in getting the expansion may give me just the time and motivation I need to get his woodworking nearer 100.

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