WoW: hotfix for Kirin Tor emissary and legendary success

Yesterday we were playing WoW when we released something was amiss with the Kirin Tor emissary reward – there were only three Kirin Tor world quests showing in the whole of the Broken Isles and not enough time left for more to spawn.

Not my favourite quest...

Not my favourite quest…

I was annoyed by the buggy, oversensitive nature of the Like the Wind quest; so to realise that we couldn’t do enough quests to get the reward put me in a rather dour mood. So to receive the news this morning that it’s been resolved was very gratifying.


Turns out it wasn’t just us, Blizzard have responded to a flurry of complaints on the forums with a hotfix. You can log into today (Monday 28th) to receive auto-completion of the Kirin Tor emissary and get your emissary chest and the selection of a rep reward as normal. As I was cycling through the three characters I have with world quests unlocked, I was joking to myself about the complaints Blizzard might get next, that handing out an automatic completion to this emissary was akin to handing out “welfare legendaries”, when this little item popped out of my druid’s emissary chest.



Oh the irony! I’ve been waiting for weeks: watching guildmates and friends getting multiple legendaries with nothing to show for it on any of my characters, and then within days I get two (my Paladin had his first on Saturday)!

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