EQ2: Heroes Festival 2016

The Heroes’ Festival in EQ2 has come around again, this time the game celebrates its twelth year. It’s been on for a week so far and finishes this coming Monday. I’ve not had that much time for it this year – WoW’s Legion expansion still dominates my available gaming time. But I did want to snag the new, rather striking, patchwork flying lion mount that is easily obtained on any character by completing six festival quests.


It’s notable that the mount has flying from level 35, much lower than other mounts, so it’s a real bonus to mobility for lower level alts. I only had one character who I’m likely to level any time soon, so I snagged a second on that character while it was available.


There’s also a bonus XP week starting today for the final run-up to the launch of the game’s next expansion. I still need a few levels on my Inquisitor to reach the cap of 100, so here’s hoping I manage to find some time for levelling after the weekend!

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