TSW: Samhain

Over the weekend we indulged in a little session of The Secret World as a break from lots of Dungeons and Dragons (of the pen and paper variety). The Samhain event is in full swing in the game at present so it seemed an opportune time to poke our noses back in to see what we hadn’t already done and what was new.

Unfortunately I’ve not blogged about Samhain content at all, so I couldn’t even use this blog to remind us exactly why we’d started, but not finished, the 2014 “The Broadcast” Samhain mission. That was the year we started the game (by this time in 2014, we’d only been playing two months) so it was a bit too involved the first time around. We did give it a go last November but hadn’t completed it – we think it was due to a bug in the transition between stage 2 and 3, but memories are hazy.


Said bug re-occurred again this time around – the mission did not progress correctly from stage 2 to 3. We watched a guide video to see what should happen to confirm it wasn’t simply us missing something. Tickets were duly submitted and we received a courteous and successful intervention from a GM. That allowed us to push on and complete this rather intriguing mission for the first time.


There was also a public event, new for 2016. The event channel, always a must for TSW gaming, was buzzing with players calling info about what was happening and where. The two parts we had time for were to visit the horseman NPC in the Agartha and a side-mission for a public boss fight.

Badly framed horseman and side-mission

Badly framed horseman and side-mission

The former is a simple emote task to receive a spooky face mask, the side-mission is nearby. The latter was a bit complex to dive into when we had so little time, but thanks to the ever-useful event channel we were able to meet-up with someone at a newly spawned boss-monster to join in on the brawl. A certain participation threshold in this fight is required to complete the mission and receive the Halloween-themed rewards: rather helpfully the game actually tells you via on-screen update when you have done enough.


It was a fun little session, despite the annoying mission bug early on, and it has left us hankering for new content so we can dive back into this unique and very enjoyable MMO.

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