WoW: Karazhan first impressions

We just finished our first run ever in the revamped Karazhan 5-person dungeon. We had a moderately well geared group, with three raiders and two non-raiders. A couple of the group had already tried the dungeon before.


Over the course of five hours we progressed through four bosses, ending without downing the fifth when our time ran-out. Overall the difficulty is what you would expect from a mythic dungeon in this expansion, i.e. tuned a bit higher than I enjoy.


Mostly the boss fights were a matter of learning a dance or other – especially Maiden and Attumen. Moroes wasn’t so much about movement but more about choosing a sensible kill order for his entourage of party-goers.


Revisiting the place is certainly nostalgic, it’s a wonderfully designed dungeon in terms of the crazy messed-up architecture and the sheer grandeur of the place. The changes to the early sections seem pretty skin-deep, although we are working through the place in a different order since we enter from a side-entrance, not the main door.


The biggest problem for me really is not so much the difficulty, which I can stand for short stints, but that it is so time-consuming a dungeon. I really don’t want to commit five hours or more to wipes and annoyingly dense trash packs. I’ve heard that a heroic difficulty version will eventually be available and that it may be split into wings – that would be welcome but why not have heroic from the start? We were discussing in group that the gear rewards from mythic aren’t that great given the difficulty and time commitment. I’m more interested in seeing the new little story cut scenes and progressing the quest chain than running the actual dungeon itself for the chance of a minor gear upgrade – so a heroic version would be a welcome addition…

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