Nearly IntPiPoMo time

It’s nearly time for International Picture Posting Month again. I took part in this blogging community event last year and rather enjoyed the excuse for posting extra picture-filled posts. Chestnut has a post over at Gamer Girl Confessions with all the details.

So I’ll definitely be taking part again this November from next week onwards. Last time I did just five posts with ten or so pictures to make the total of 50 for the month. I will probably stick to that approach this year once more. Each post will have a theme, my draft list for now is as follows:

  1. My favourite MMORPGs (inspired by Massively OP‘s recent article)
  2. Gnome race
  3. Mountain vistas in MMORPGs
  4. WoW: Broken Isles zones
  5. LOTRO: a riding I will go
  6. My favourite lore snippets

As with last year I’ll update this post to link to all the other posts as I write them, and I’ve left one category blank for now to see what the community comes up with. I’m looking forward to a feast of MMO pictures in my blogroll in the weeks to come!

Running total: 50/50

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