LOTRO: Update 19, March of the King

So in the week I managed to spend a session in Lord of the Rings Online, sampling the new Update 19 content. I didn’t have that long to play so started off with some questing for the new book of the epic storyline.

New quest hub, teeming with players.

New quest hub, busy with players.

This story comes after the rather climactic and intense closure of Update 18, (the Battle of Pelennor Fields), so it’s several steps down in pace and tension. It’s also more free and open as well, a chance to get back to roaming the landscape and tackling the various tasks in a more fluid order.

Out under the stars

Out under the stars

Seeing harvesting nodes around me inevitably prompted me to review my Champion main character’s crafting – he has the explorer vocation (tailor, forester and prospector). In my last major stint with the game I did raise his gathering skills up to the highest available tier so he could gather the metal needed by a weaponsmith alt for the forging of better legendary weapons. But I haven’t had a strong reason to keep this character’s tailoring up to speed and he has languished two tiers below the current level. So I ended the session riding the long ride back East across familiar ground to begin his own epic task of gathering a large stock of Riddermark hides. I think for now, a good mix of epic story questing and crafting catchup will be fun.

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  1. ~effs~ says:

    I haven’t touched this game in years. I may just log in (if I can remember my details) and check it out! What would be good is if they brought it out for console, which obviously won’t happen.

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