Here there be spiders (as mounts)

I’m a bit of an arachnophobe, not terribly so but still I’m no friend of the eight legged freaks. Unfortunately for me they are a staple monster in most MMORPGs, and it seems increasingly a mount option as well. I’ll put the rest of the post under a “read more” line – if you’re arachnophobic you have been warned!

Recently I’ve been surprised a couple of times, in busy Dalaran or out in the world, by a new spider mount in World of Warcraft – it’s large and a little too realistic for my tastes.



I’ve also read this week that patchwork spiders are coming to Everquest 2 as part of the Halloween-themed Night of the Dead this year. I’ve not seen one in game yet but it’s a matter of time I guess.

Preview of one of the spider mounts new in 2016

Preview of one of the spider mounts new in 2016

Other games have them of course as well: Rift and Neverwinter spring to mind but I’m sure there are other examples out there. The spider mount that came with the Neverwinter ‘Hero of the North’ pack was particularly disturbing with its webbed summon effect and ‘pouncing’ jump animation. I guess spiders are pretty popular with some gamers, though I personally cannot understand why!

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4 Responses to Here there be spiders (as mounts)

  1. Shintar says:

    In Neverwinter, my pet tank liked to use the spider mount’s pounce animation to pretend that it was devouring me. To each their own I guess… 😛

  2. I’m severely arachnophobic IRL, but thankfully my phobia only applies to real live spiders. Spiders in video games don’t bother me at all. ESO’s spiders were the only exception (not sure why — something about how they moved, I think), but even then it was a pretty mild reaction.

    Now I have a friend who completely loses it over even fictitious spiders. She recently got back into WoW, and I can’t imagine she’s happy about the spider mount.

  3. DDOCentral says:

    Age of Conan also has a spider mount now, the Shadow of Zath. The spider mount is one of Loyalty rewards for a 1 year membership.

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