SWTOR: KOTET and other plans

I’ve been on a break from Star Wars the Old Republic for most of the summer: I played chapter 15 of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion and then unsubbed as I had other gaming priorities taking up my time. I had thought I would miss out on the final chapter, since chapters were only unlocked with an active subscription, and so left the game on the shelf expecting to pick it up as a prelude to the next expansion’s arrival in December.

It turns out I must have miscalculated on the expiry date versus the deadline for the unlock, as when I logged back in over the weekend to check out my Jedi Shadow I could click the purple play button and jump into chapter 16!


Penning a review of that chapter or the expansion overall will have to wait until I have time to really reflect on things more, but I am starting to think about when I might return to SWTOR again for more regular play.

I’m not immune to the excitement built up around the new trailer video for the Kights of the Eternal Throne expansion. Details are still being revealed, although Rav’s recent post has a good highlight of major points. As Rav notes in her post, the devs are planning to have player-selectable difficulty modes for story chapters. That’s a pretty neat feature, especially if the devs were to fix solo-only restrictions for levelling/questing content. It would be a real incentive to restart the old leveling trio if we could select a higher difficulty going into KOTFE or KOTET chapters to make it more of a challenge for a group.


There’s a chance I’ll be starting up a new leveling static in SWTOR with some family who’ve never played the game. That could ease me back into the game again in the intervening months and give me a chance to get my poor Smuggler levelling finally…

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  1. Shintar says:

    As much as I’d like it, I don’t think that they’ll be lifting the group restrictions on the main story content going forward. They’ll “just” be adding the different difficulties for single players to challenge themselves and a separate set of new group content.

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