WoW: exploration and stealth in Suramar

Suramar, the current end-game zone for the Legion expansion, is an interesting mix of excitement and frustration. The zone is very beautiful in design and scale, possibly the most impressive open world zone World of Warcraft has ever had.


The city is pretty large and so full of life and content. What’s more that content is layered, both in story terms and in the verticality of the city’s design. As I discovered on our last jaunt around the city there is a substantial amount of content above ground – accessible using the grapple-hook system from Stormheim. This gives a real measure of freedom of how to get to content – the rare opponent pictured here could be reached via a series of stairs and rooftop bridges or, as I discovered, by grappling up and jumping between roofs via the series of jutting beams.


There is also a dominant element of stealth to the gameplay in the city, via the masquerade mechanic. Our characters can ‘stealth’ past the many hostile servants of the invading demons disguised as a Nightbourne elves. There are scattered guards and more alert citizens who can see through this disguise, however, so careful movement through the city is required (unless you happen to have an ability to drop out of combat, the Night Elf racial Shadowmeld has never been so useful!).

Patience is really a virtue in Suramar

Patience is really a virtue in Suramar

It is certainly immersive to be wandering the streets of this expansive city although the amount of enemies to dodge and the speed with which being detected can escalate into a “flee or die” situation can get a little wearing in a longer session. I’ve never played the standard rogue archetype, it is only recently have I started playing a MMO character with a functional stealth ability. So it’s not really something I’m used to or something I necessarily find that enjoyable. For the first playthrough of the zone it’s fresh and a challenge so I’m happy enough, but I can see this being a disincentive for me to progress alt characters like my Paladin through the zone.

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  1. Shandren says:

    You may count it as cheating, but using an addon like serverhop to switch server with one click is extremely effective as a poor mans vanish/shadowmelt. Find a place with no mobs, switch server, leave group again, reapply masquerade, continue.

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