EQ2: Kunark Ascending on Nov 15th

I read via the Massively OP site that Everquest 2’s next expansion launches on November the 15th. For the first time since I started playing the game I will actually have a character at the cap ready for an expansion launch, albeit one who is woefully undergeared for any new content.

My Shadowknight is lost somewhere in Thalumbra

My Shadowknight has barely set foot in Thalumbra

It’s an exciting time nonetheless as there’s a lot of new features coming in this expansion, including a wardrobe feature and a new type of character advancement (ascension classes?). We’ll also be able to upgrade our mercenaries gear. That can be a blessing or a curse if I remember back to gearing companions in SWTOR’s past – it adds a layer of customisation to your faithful helpers but in essence can multiply up the gear-grind something shocking if you have plenty of alt-characters…


These Kunark lizardfolk build big!

My stated aim is to get my Inquisitor from 95 to 100 by the launch of the expansion, if possible. I had the idea of maybe chronomentoring down to level 70ish to run the current Kunark timeline quests series in case this expansion builds on them. There continent is designed for a level band that I’ve not yet seen (68-80): I levelled this Inquisitor from 1-50, then insta-dinged a Shadowknight to 85 and levelled him to 100. I’ve since boosted the Inquisitor to 95 with the new free-boost offer.

So by chance, I skipped almost all of the Kunark content already in the game (I have played through the Sarnak starter areas on my Shadownknight). There should be time to get some homework done before the gates of the new expansion are opened and learn what this Kunark place is all about!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Rise of Kunark is absolutely huge. It has to be the biggest expansion EQ2 ever had. Most of it is really good entertainment too although there is a LOT of faction work if you plan on doing the thing seriously. The new expansion looks amazing on paper – the wardrobe system and the new classes particularly. Can’t wait!

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