Tera: healers in active combat

Last night we did manage to squeeze in a game of Tera as a group of four. We have a Warrior tank, Ninja and Archer dps and my Mystic healer. After the last session of questing and wandering zones we were ready for the next dungeon, Sinestral Manor, according to the lowest level of our group’s characters (level 26).

Healing a dungeon in this game reminded me that, although I’m not great with crazy/frantic combat in more action-oriented MMORPGs, the healing dynamic can be pretty amazing.

This energetic boss spreads the party out - tough on the healer!

This energetic boss spreads the party out – tough on the healer!

Apparently Sinestral Manor steps up the difficulty from the earlier Bastion of Lok, I would agree with this assessment – other than the first boss, the amount of movement required and the punishment for not moving are higher in this creepy place. In the tougher moments, I found myself wishing I was playing a Priest instead of Mystic: with hindsight I suspect it’s easier to heal levelling dungeons with a Priests big healing circles. Memories of healing dungeons and BAM zones came flooding back from 2013…

This was a nasty boss fight

This was a nasty boss fight

But the Mystic is a fun class, and I’m certainly not making best use of the more varied toolkit of spells that I have available – it was the first dungeon run for over a month (probably nearer two!) so some practice is needed. My character has only one lock-on, multi-target heal to spam when things get scary and, like with the Priest’s lock-on heal, it causes a lot of aggro with monsters. So use that a few times and the boss is likely to be charging at me a moment later.

Old screenshot of Thrall of Life

Older screenshot of Thrall of Life

I need to make more use of the Thrall of Life healing pet. Do not get the wrong idea reading the words ‘healing pet’. This isn’t as useful or as smart as the Druid’s Faerie pet in Rift. This Thrall appears for a brief few seconds and casts three spells in succession: a single-target heal on me, a small circle heal centred on me and a large circle (either heal or decurse – not sure which). Positioning for this is going to be important – I think in future I need to practice teleporting to injured allies and then dropping this little helper to get them in the circle spells!

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3 Responses to Tera: healers in active combat

  1. the answer to healing as a mystic is BALLLllllllsssss.. lots of balls haha. Before I fight I would generally quickly spam several mana and health ones around where you will probably fight. And then, whenever you ahve a spare moment drop a couple where the dps are as well. That way I could generally just keep my focused heal on tank. They also cleanse every tick of the hot, so you really shouldn’t need to individual do that and if someone is telling you too, tell them to “eat a ball” haha

    • meant to say as well that if the dps are taking a lot of damage during a boss fight, it is kind of up to them to get better. dodging attacks and such is really important – can’t heal stupid

      • Telwyn says:

        Oh the cleanse tip on the balls is a great thing to know! We’re all a bit newbish (well except the tank) to be honest, it’s fun to learn together though 🙂

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