October gaming plans

Reading Aywren’s recent post on her plans for the month started me thinking about what I’ll likely be up to here.

World of Warcraft
WoW will still be my main game in October. I’m progressing my Balance Druid through the various dungeons quests and world quests. He’s also digging into the Suramar zone quests although I only play this character as part of a trio so it’s a relaxed pace. I’m undecided about whether I shall try raiding on him, but with certain artifact weapon appearance unlocks gated by normal mode of the first raid it might be worth considering.

Everquest 2
I have a level 95 Inquisitor to get the five remaining levels to the cap so that I have a non-tank, ranged character at cap in this game. I’m awaiting news of when in October there’ll be the bonus XP events so I can make best use of the 95-100 zones to get there in good time.

Rift or SWTOR
The husband and I were discussing yesterday wanting something different to play other than more World of Warcaft. One option would be to go back to a Guardian playthrough of the Vanilla Rift content – our characters are in their early 20s I believe. A second option would be to carry on our Jedi pair in SWTOR through chapter 3 of their respective class stories.

Over the summer we’ve played a couple of very sporadic games of Tera with my niece and nephew on new low-level characters. It’s not easy to juggle four schedules so progress is super slow on this but it is chaotic fun when we can manage it.

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2 Responses to October gaming plans

  1. Aywren says:

    Sounds like you’re going to be busy! Good luck with your goals! 🙂

  2. I plan to go hard on grinding WoW during the upcoming world quest bonus event, but then I think I’ll let my sub lapse for a while. I’m overdue to play through Knights of the Fallen Empire in SW:TOR.

    Also, Halloween in TSW is coming up. Can’t miss that.

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