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EQ2: bonus XP is here!

On Friday last (28th) a week of bonus XP started in Everquest 2. This is what my Inquisitor has been waiting for ever since Daybreak announced the series of Gear Up, Level Up bonus events. Having a bonus XP event … Continue reading

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Nearly IntPiPoMo time

It’s nearly time for International Picture Posting Month again. I took part in this blogging community event last year and rather enjoyed the excuse for posting extra picture-filled posts. Chestnut has a post over at Gamer Girl Confessions with all … Continue reading

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WoW: Suramar, a repeat visit

Having completed the main quest chain in Suramar, Legion’s end-game zone, I was slightly concerned I would find the reputation grind and densely packed nature of the city a turn-off for bringing alt characters through that content. So far on … Continue reading

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Forced content engagement

Some MMO devs seem to like dictating not only the rules of their game but also how we play them. Others are, perhaps, more content to give us a world and let us figure that out. This topic was originally … Continue reading

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LOTRO: Update 19, March of the King

So in the week I managed to spend a session in Lord of the Rings Online, sampling the new Update 19 content. I didn’t have that long to play so started off with some questing for the new book of … Continue reading

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Do devs need to reinvent the (systems) wheel all the time?

Shintar writes about the recently announced wholesale changes to the endgame gearing system in Star Wars The Old Republic coming in the next expansion. I’ve never really engaged with the endgame in SWTOR so it will not affect me directly, … Continue reading

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WoW: thankful for the Moonkin

While running some World Quests last night in World of Warcraft I was reminded why I love the timeless art style of the game, and the whimsical yet characterful design and animations for our characters. I have always found the … Continue reading

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