WoW: professions progress?

As I dig deeper into the Legion expansion, I find myself unsure what professions to work on first. After the great profession-drought of Draenor, there does at least seem to be some point to leveling professions in Legion, although not necessarily all are equal in that regard.


My new(old) main is a Herbalist/Alchemist. Levelling herbalism is a no-brainer – there are plenty of herb nodes in zones to collect. Alchemy seems to be pretty useful, though I know very few recipes still (currently 730 alchemy skill) so it’s mostly a matter of making a batch of healing or mana potions to share out at the start of dungeon runs. It is worth noting that Blizzard have added some very nice, if situational, ‘utility’ potions for this expansion. The Avalanche flask is the only one I’ve used so far but given the verticality of this expansions zones, and the chance of getting stuck high up with no easy way down, it is both useful and rather fun to turn into a living landslide for a quick way down!

Avalanche mode!

Avalanche mode!

My second most progressed character, in terms of level and class hall campaign, is my Paladin. He’s always been a Miner/Blacksmith, the former is easy enough as per herbalism, but blacksmithing seems to be rather fiddly and slow to progress for very little benefit. The armour he can make is inferior to his current quest/dungeon gear at level 106 although he can make a couple of level 108 pieces that may be better if he hasn’t found anything to beat them within two levels of adventuring. I will add here that the looks of some of the crafted armour is pretty nice – his shoulderpads are perfect for a holy paladin!


So other than getting on with alchemy on my main I’m a bit stumped as what professions, if any, to work on. I could get cooking going on my Shaman, although so many of my friends normally progress cooking on their characters that it can be a bit redundant. After the great Inscription massacre of 2016, I can’t see my Shaman working on his primary profession anytime soon, however. I do also have an insta-dinged Mage with jewelcrafting that I may have to get started on as I used to love the jewelcrafting profession (I last worked on it back in Cataclysm…). What professions are you finding fun/useful in Legion, so far?


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  1. Production professions are a mess in Legion. They’re much, much harder to level than they’ve ever been before, and the rewards are not any better. Basically Blizzard got rid of the free materials tap of garrisons, but didn’t rebalance recipe costs accordingly. Expect to be working pretty hard and/or losing a lot of money if you want to level any production professions.

    I’m glad I mostly just focus on gathering and selling mats these days.

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