WoW: healer empowerment and off specs

One small aspect of the Legion revamp to World of Warcraft’s classes that I’m enjoying is the adjustments to make healers more viable for levelling content and open world questing. This has been achieved by some sort of boost to their damage output while outside of grouped, instanced content. In the game’s past, and in the present of some other MMORPGs, healers do pretty abysmal damage, making solo questing difficult if not impossible.


So far on my Paladin, I’ve been perfectly happy staying as Holy the whole time and concentrating on progressing just that artifact weapon. Given the number of characters I had at 100 going into this expansion (five), it’s enough for me to juggle alt characters, let alone alt specs. That’s the thing about this change to healer solo viability. In WoW, at least since dual specialisation was introduced back in the Wrath of the Lich King era,  levelling as a healer wasn’t exactly optimal since you could easily have a DPS-oriented off spec to switch to. That never really appealed to me since it often meant having two sets of gear. Now I can shelve off-specs indefinitely for most of my characters.

Holy all the way

Holy all the way

My new (old) main, a Balance druid, never has had an off-spec in all the years I’ve played him. I guess he’s the character I role played more than any other and having different specs for the gameplay reason of trinity role flexibility just never felt right for him. Other characters have vacillated or stayed flexible between specs. My Paladin was until recently more a Protection tank than a healer, and my Shaman has been all three specs over the years since I made him.

Time to put Elemental on ice for a while?

Time to put Elemental on ice for a while?

This healer damage-boost offers me the opportunity of potentially ditching my Shaman’s Elemental DPS/levelling spec altogether to go all-out healer. I’ve always liked the class ‘fantasy’ (as Blizzard calls it) of the Shaman, especially the water-themed Restoration healer. Given my desire to see different class halls and their attached storylines, I won’t have much time for progressing multiple artifact weapons on this or any other character. So it might be a good time for me to rationalise alt-specs in favour of alt-characters.

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  1. I’ve been scared to get into WOW, but now that Legion is out, everyone trying to get me to jump into the rabbit hole with them. Haha. I can’t stop reading up on it– I really want to play! Great post!

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