MMO snacking

Legion has launched and there is a veritable banquet of new content before us: new zones, world quests, rare spawns (gotta catch those stars!), class halls, artifact weapons and, eventually, dungeons. The class halls and artifact weapons are a particular draw for me as they offer snippets of lore and some very nostalgic trips back to older era zones.


That makes me, on one hand, want to play all the classes and see all the cool stuff as soon as possible. But thankfully I also have enough rationality to recognise that I simply do not enjoy bingeing on a game anymore. Too much WoW in a short space of time is likely to put me off the expansion quickly enough – I almost over did the invasion events last month in this way.

How many times have I done this fight?

How many times have I done this fight?

So instead of falling back on old patterns of alting to stave off overload, I’ll need to take time out from Azeroth to see other worlds. Multi-gaming is the norm for me these days, and for my writing on this blog but when a really big event occurs, like a major MMO expansion, it can be tempting to concentrate a little too much on that one game or new thing. So after a bit of a binge on WoW this last week or so, it’s time to return to the MMO smörgåsbord





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  1. Karinshastha says:

    There’s a Double XP X-Plosion in Wildstar from September 2nd – 5th. TSW is doing a surprise golden week from August 31st – September 7th. It’s a glorious time to engage in multi-gaming.

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