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WoW: back to nature

Playing our Horde trio, level 88 or thereabouts, last night we were riding in between dungeons across the open fields of the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria. It was as we rode across the Valley that it occurred … Continue reading

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Juggling MMOs – timeouts and reminders

Having multiple MMORPGs to play is great in terms of keeping myself entertained regardless of burnout, a sudden whim for variety or the odd server downtime. This September my gaming time has been more limited, not terribly constrained, but I’ve … Continue reading

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WoW: professions progress?

As I dig deeper into the Legion expansion, I find myself unsure what professions to work on first. After the great profession-drought of Draenor, there does at least seem to be some point to leveling professions in Legion, although not … Continue reading

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Last game of your life

Syl at MMO Gypsy raised the topic yesterday of what game would you choose as the game to play for the rest of your life, if you had to choose just the one. That’s quite a conundrum! Unlike many bloggers … Continue reading

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WoW: world quests ahoy!

It was remarkably easy to complete the necessary steps to unlock World Quests on my first level 110 character. Just levelling in various zones had my Druid at the friendly tier of reputation with three of the five required factions … Continue reading

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Pugging in Legion

Azuriel at In An Age has a post on Social Dungeoneering, stating how Blizzard’s experimentations with different loot systems have addressed one problem for random groups but caused another in its place. It’s an interesting read although I’m sort of … Continue reading

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Neverwinter Gateway and Companion App

I read with some sadness, via Shintar’s blog, that the Neverwinter Gateway has closed down. This website was a fantastic resource for the Neverwinter MMORPG back when I was playing the game regularly. The Sword Coast Adventures virtual dice game … Continue reading

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