WoW: Legion unleashed

The timing of the launch of the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft meant, for UK customers, that it launched at 11:00pm on Monday evening (29th). That day the servers had been hopping and our guild was super busy with people getting their last-minute tasks done. As the hour approached we were in game and logging in and out of characters to check on gear levels and event currency amounts.

Nethershard shopping

Nethershard spending spree

It’s kind of unusual that we were actually around and free for the launch: normally we have happened to be on holiday or I have been away working for WoW expansion launches. After the pretty hectic pre-launch event of the demonic invasions, and the short but atmospheric quest chain involving Kadagar, the expansion launch was of the “flip the switch” kind. Suddenly people reported receiving a quest to start their journey to the Broken Isles.


Thus the starter pistol was fired and people raced off to begin levelling again. I played the intro questline on my Balance Druid as far as the point of choosing which zone of the Broken Isles to start questing proper. It took maybe an hour or just under to get him to that point.

Choices, choices

Choices, choices

From the little that I’ve seen already I feel my excitement for the expansion is justified. The story-telling is immersive, I particularly liked how the class hall and artifact weapon intro quests took my character to points in old zones of Azeroth before leading me on to the Broken Isles. The design for the new zones is beautiful from what little I’ve seen as well.


At this very early stage it’s difficult to write much without spoilers but I do feel it is a good time to be back in Azeroth. I’ll be wandering through the new zones on a few characters over the coming weeks. Ironically I’m away next week without a gaming computer, so I fully expect to be behind on the levelling curve soon – that’s a good thing as I want to explore this expansion at a sedate pace.

Have fun in Legion for all those playing!

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  1. I’m going to try to resist diving into the meat of the expansion for at least a day or two to let the crowds subside, but I couldn’t resist doing the Ashbringer quest this morning. I was pretty impressed by it — I wasn’t expecting such a level of quality for artifact quests. Bodes well, I think.

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