WoW: who to play in Legion?

The launch of the new World of Warcraft expansion next week brings with it the dilemma of which characters to concentrate on playing first. It’s more complex than in the past given this expansion’s new leveling zones combined with the new features of the class hall system and the artifact weapon progression system.

It seems likely from the class revamp preview available since last month in the pre-expansion patch that I will be dropping my Shaman down the pegging order at least several notches. He’s been my main character since the Cataclysm expansion, he took on the inscription profession (which I loved but Legion has utterly wrecked) and I discovered a love for the Shaman healing style back then. My Balance Druid main has languished woefully out of date for some time, but with the super quick levelling in the Legion invasion event that was quickly resolved.

My Shaman may be on the bench in Legion

My Shaman may be on the bench in Legion

The Balance class/spec as it currently stands seems to be a lot more enjoyable than I found it during the twilight days of the eclipse mechanic era. He’s also my alchemist character, and that’s one of my all-time favourite crafting professions. Incidentally he’s a pure DPS character, always has been despite my love of playing the healer role.

The Boomkin is back

The Boomkin is back

I’ve also insta-dinged two characters, a hunter and a mage: classes that I’ve never played to cap although I have lower-level Horde-side alts for both. Mage has some very powerful utility spells still – teleports, portals and food conjuration (in the new era of healers running low on mana) plus some good crowd control – the latter always useful in early expansion dungeon runs where overpulls are likely to be fatal. Hunter’s have something rare in this game, at least for ranged characters, they have lots of mobility. Having played so much The Secret World, Wildstar and Guild Wars 2, I’ve found it painful to be locked in place when casting so much in WoW. If I were to consider dipping my toes in the raiding waters again this expansion (certainly only the easiest mode) then Hunter would be a very sensible choice since I can still do damage while moving out of the endless amounts of fire/poison/etc that spawns in boss fights.

Hunter on a named-pet hunt

Hunter on a named-pet hunt

So I read with interest, if a little wariness for spoilers, Justin of Bio Break’s post about his ranking of class halls. I’ve not even read about the Legion beta in any length, let alone stepped a character into it – I want the expansion’s new content to be fresh and ready to discover come next week. But it would be very difficult to choose who to play first without some information, and the general impressions Justin where just informative enough to help my own decision. It’s an interesting coincidence that his top three ranked class halls happens to coincide with my likely candidate for main (Druid) and my two insta-dinged characters (Mage and Hunter) that I’ll certainly want to practice playing more in this expansion!

I’m hoping the class halls will be a positive aspect of the expansion for players like myself, who like to play different characters in MMOs; the garrison system in Warlords quickly became a burden given it’s linear development and heavy entanglement with the levelling zone stories. Class halls at least should present, I presume, an extra layer of variety (however thin) to the levelling process for each new class you take through the expansion.

Do you have any character dilemmas for who to play in Legion?

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2 Responses to WoW: who to play in Legion?

  1. I was having a lot of angst over who to play in Legion — warlock versus demon hunter was especially tricky — but then invasions came along with their free XP from the sky, and now I have an easy answer to that question: “All of them.”

    I realize not everyone has the option to go full no-lifer mode on grinding like I do, though.

    I do find your thoughts on the classes a little interesting/perplexing. I’ve fallen in love with my shaman all over again since the class changes, whereas I’ve found balance is not grabbing me any better than it did back in the eclipse days.

    • Telwyn says:

      I think I’m bored with Elemental, Resto is ok but I’ve played some Holy Paladin recently and quite fancy that as my goto healing spec for a change. Balance may not be perfect but I really miss playing that character for a host of reasons beyond the mechanics so the removal of the timed straight-jacket aspects of Eclipse are enough for me to bring him back.

      I wish I had the time to do all of the classes but then doing only a few at a time will help to make the expansion last a bit longer. Still I don’t want WoW to takeover my gaming completely as I have other goals in other MMOs still.

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