EQ2: free heroic (level 95) character

Kind of a public service announcement post today. Daybreak is offering a free heroic (level 95) character on any account if claimed by 6th September.

My Shadowknight was dinged from the low teens to level 85 using the original heroic boost, back when the boost was introduced. I’ve since levelled him to the cap of level 100 through normal questing.


However, I’ve since come to realise that, although I love playing the Shadowknight class for solo and public event-style content, it’s not necessarily the best choice for proper group content – since I have no interest in actually playing him in the tank role.

So this offer is rather well-timed as it will allow me to boost either a ranged DPS class or maybe healer to near the cap so that, after dinging the remaining 5 levels, I have a capped character that is more suited to guild dungeon runs.

To boost or not to boost..?

To boost or not to boost..?

I’d be tempted to boost my Warden healer as it’s a character I enjoyed playing when I first started the game, but I kind of abandoned him because healer’s aren’t always the easiest role to level solo in MMORPGs. Likewise I could ding my existing Inquisitor, another class I really enjoyed playing but left behind to concentrate solely on my Shadowknight.

I haven’t played any pure DPS characters in the game before so that would be more of a learning curve than if I boost a healer. Based on my experiences of melee DPS in other games (WoW, LOTRO etc) I think I’d be better opting for a caster/ranged DPS character as melee tend to get take a whole lot more damage in group content.

Lots of potential options here, but thankfully I have almost two weeks to think about the options and to ask guild mates for their opinions before making the final choice!



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  1. Aywren says:

    Thanks for the post about this! I’m out of touch with what’s going on in EQ2, but I have plenty of alts no where close to level 95! Now to just choose which one to boost. 😮

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