WoW: Invasion thoughts

One week after re-subbing to World of Warcraft (via Token), I’ve had the opportunity to play quite a few of the Invasion events on various characters so here are some spoiler-light impressions.

Alongside the titular events are the two sections of story quests. They take little time to play through but are well put together with the usual mix of in-game NPC dialogue, cut-scenes and combat. They also feature instanced solo content but do not take long to complete. The events themselves are pretty accessible: they’re available for characters of level 10+, showcasing the level-scaling tech that WoW is introducing to the new open world areas of the Legion expansion.


Active participation in the events rewards your character with the obligatory event currency (Nethershards), a chance at level appropriate random gear (item level or ilevel 700 for a capped character) and a goodly amount of XP. The events are good for levelling low-level characters or gearing capped characters for the expansion or a combination of the two.

So far I’ve geared my Shaman main, levelled a hunter his last few levels to 100 and fully geared him and dinged a lower Horde Warrior alt three levels (now level 85). I still want to take my Paladin from 95 to 100 and gear out my level 100 Mage. We’re saving out reward chests on any levelling characters to open once they reach 100 the chance at a full set of ilevel 700 gear is just too good to pass-up on lower gear that your character will very quickly out-level.

Follow that zerg!

Follow that zerg!

The events are typical zergy public-quest style fun: in my opinion best enjoyed in moderation. There’s not that much variety to them, at least in comparison to the rift-system in Rift. But as a pre-expansion event I think they’re one of the better offerings Blizzard have given us. The complete removal of tapping and, at least on our PVE-RP realm, the presentation of opposite faction as friendly (green nameplates) the events seem friendly and griefing-free so far.

The difficulty level of the events, as a measure of this new scaling tech, is harder to judge. I’ve found them to vary a lot in this regard. Lower level characters, even a plate-wearing Warrior, may have a rough time with the tougher named mobs and ‘Commander’ boss fights. I’ve suffered a good number of puzzling character deaths, not counting those due to obviously standing in the bad stuff or not running away from a big attack move.
It’s less enjoyable on melee characters as things tend to die before you even reach them if the event is well attended. On my Hunter or Shaman I’ve had no problems tagging everything, whereas the events are an exercise in frustration on my Warrior.

Best to not get too close

Best to not get too close

I’ve also found it much more enjoyable on characters with healing spells. Any character can pick up special super-bandages from their faction capital but they have a cooldown on use. Having a stack of Draenic healing potions is a good idea if your character can’t cast heals, as the boss mobs do lots of sudden and high damage attacks, and healing from other players is not dependable in such a casual grouping scenario.

More healing, less taking screenshots needed...

More healing, less taking screenshots needed…

Overall the events are fun for what they are; they’ve certainly proved the remedy to having a lot of cherised alt characters stuck at the start of Draenor with no real motivation to repeat that expansions content in a rush before Legion launches. I do hope there’s still a little more to reveal story-wise before the expansion launches next week.

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  1. I may have gone off the deep end a bit with the invasions. I started out trying to get a few neglected characters to 100… and now I’m frighteningly close to being one of those crazy people with every class at max level. I don’t know how many invasions I’ve done, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I hit triple digits by the end of the event.

    An intervention may be required at some point.

  2. Dublin says:

    I AM one of those people – every class at 100 on one server, and these events are helping me to do the same on yet another server.

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