LOTRO: finally there (105)

Without really paying that much attention to it, the last level of my champion flew by during recent Lord of the Rings Online gaming sessions. He now stands at the current cap of level 105 – my first ever character at the cap in this game.


According to “/played” he has 3 weeks 1 day 1 hour 31 minutes and 40 seconds of playtime in total. It doesn’t seem like that much really, considering I created him way back in October 2009. That doesn’t sum up my true involvement with this game though, as I have spent many hours on my stable of alt characters, some of whom are more developed crafters than my main: my warden for example has max-tier weaponsmithing even though he’s only character level 27.

First ever screenshot

First ever screenshot

It’s been a sporadic but ever-enjoyable journey to get him from his home in Combe to this distant field of battle. That journey doesn’t end with the cap of course, I’m still working him through Volume IV Book 6 of the epic quest-line. To actually have a character up-to-date with the epic story will be another first.


The last few of these epic story quests have been pretty breathtaking in their execution, grand adventures indeed! The questing is interwoven amidst a sprawling battle between multiple armies (four at least?) with notes of urgency, desperation and hope mixed in.

Beyond catching this character up with the current epic story; I should really start to work on his deeds as he has so many incomplete slayer and explorer deeds to finish off. I also have a desire to start doing some group content in LOTRO once more, so I’m contemplating levelling my minstrel or a new runekeeper so I can get some healer practice in the game’s dungeons and skirmishes. Whatever I do next, more adventures in Middle Earth await!


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  1. Aywren says:

    Congrats on hitting level cap! I think I was at level cap in LOTRO once, long ago, when the cap was 65. For a short time. 🙂

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