WoW: back to Azeroth

Yesterday I bought a WoW Token at the login screen to get me back into the game ahead of the launch of the Legion expansion. There was some sorting of character abilities and inventory to do but I only have two level 100s at present so not much effort was needed.

Talent respec

Talent respec

I decided to stick with my Shaman main for the first run through of the Broken Shore scenario that leads your character into the demonic invasions event. As per usual I’ll avoid spoilers as much as possible although the screenshots may have some minor spoilerific details.


The scenario is basically a short Looking For Raid style affair. We were placed in a 20-person group and followed NPCs around while completing stages of the event. It was very reminiscent of the rifts from Rift but spread over a larger area.


I queued as Elemental, my husband queued on his Monk as healer. Overall the fights weren’t particularly difficult – with a random group it’s hard to judge what item-level gear other characters had. There were some deaths to “standing in bad stuff”, which I suppose is to be expected in a LFR-like scenario. The whole thing was impressive cinematically and story-content wise but racing to keep up with the “go-go-go” crowd was as annoying as ever for me.

After a number of story-dialogue quests to follow-up on the events of the scenario we were free then to take part in the demonic invasion events.


Zooming over by flying mount we joined the chaotic brawl of such large-scale public content in WoW. It’s similar, in feel at least, to the Timeless Isle during the Pandaria expansion or Tanaan during Warlords. The invasion events spawn in specific zones and have randomised boss fights it seems.

The Legion has upgraded its equipment this time around

The Legion has upgraded its equipment this time around

The events progress through stages with the map showing locations of enemy spawns or Legion footholds that need destroying. All very clearly laid out and easy to follow.


Most of the stages seem ok, difficulty-wise. I do think the boss fights are tuned a bit on the “move or die instantly” scale. Admittedly I’ve been rather ill the last weekend and wasn’t feeling very alert doing this content for the first time yesterday.

The invasions reward chests which contain an event currency (Nethershards) and ilevel 700 blue gear. The event vendor in your faction’s capital sells accessory gear (amulets, rings and trinkets). So next steps are to take my level 100 mage through the Broken Shore scenario and to get some invasions under his belt too. Then it’ll be doing enough invasions on one or both characters to afford all the gear via the shard currency.

How are you finding the pre-expansion events?



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  1. One thing to note: You do not need to do Broken Shore to do invasions. In fact, thanks to new level scaling tech, any character level ten or above can join invasions and get rewards. The XP from invasions is fantastic, so if you have any alts you want to level, now’s the time for it.

    I’ve been loving the event, myself. Broken Shore was absolutely spectacular, and the chaos of the invasions and Dread Infiltrators is really selling the idea of a world on the brink. I’m starting to get a little burnt out on invasions from leveling so many alts through, but it’s saving me so much time it’s hard to complain.

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