Feeling left out

Stargrace of MMO Quests posted about feeling left out by not playing No Man’s Sky at launch. Other than a mention of it on my WoW guild’s Facebook page, this particular space sim hasn’t been on my radar. However, I can empathise with the feeling all the same for different reasons.

Unfortunately I unsubbed after the last chapter before realising there was one more release due. The big reveal at the end of part 15 just seemed like a “cliffhanger season-ender” to me, and by coincidence my sub was due a couple of days after that content dropped, so I cancelled the renewal with no thought there might be one more chapter.

Since my playthrough of chapter 15, I’ve barely logged into the game as I have so many gaming priorities. So for now I’m deliberately missing out on the excitement of discussing the real story ending and am having to avoid blogposts about it.
I’ll be back in-game: either for the launch of the next expansion, or if World of Warcraft keeps me occupied longer, in time for the cinema release of Rogue One. It’s a safe bet that watching a new Star Wars movie will get me back in the mood for some SWTOR again.

Having just mentioned the game above, the other MMO release I’ve not touched yet is the pre-Legion patch for World of Warcraft. As a consequence I’m also having to avoid a lot of blog posts about that new content as well. As you may imagine my blogroll is full of posts I can’t read at the moment! At least I’ll be able to start on WoW sooner – my husband returns from working away next week so we’ll find time to do the pre-Legion events before the expansion launch at the end of this month.

Despite missing out on the buzz of new content as it drops, I can’t really complain since I’ve had good gaming sessions in other MMOs to fill my free-time.

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  1. Syl says:

    I think Legion is going to be an obnoxious topic for the next 3 months to come, for anyone not interested in WoW. Am happy others are having fun but I have to ignore half of my tweets and blogroll updates already, so blergh! 😀 Much bore.

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