The winds of gaming

Sometimes my gaming time gets blown off course by unexpected opportunities or unforeseen circumstances. It looks as though schedules will not align this week for any DDO for instance. The gap in my game time is likely to be filled with a sedate jaunt in Norrath as I show Everquest 2 to a friend. I’ve recently played a good chunk of my usual favourite starter zone, Frostfang Sea, as part of my hunt for a patchwork pegasus. So I may have to push for a different starter area just to avoid the omnipresent whiteness.

A whole lot of white going on...

A whole lot of white going on…

The other, slightly random, return to a MMO came about after a conversation some weeks ago with a niece and nephew. They missed our Guild Wars 2 sessions from that game’s launch era. In the intervening years they’ve played other games; by coincidence, my niece has spent most of her time in Tera. When she suggested we start playing a group in that grindy, action MMO, I actually felt it might be time to return for a bit.


The game has changed quite a bit from my original time in-game just before and during the conversion to free to play. You now receive mob-dropped relics to construct an “Avatar weapon” – a powerful weapon appropriate to your class. This is replaced every so-many levels to keep your weapon in step as you level up.


Another new system (to me) is the Vanguard request system that gives you tasks to kill X monsters of a type in your local zone. As you do the story quests you inevitably complete a bunch of these requests as well. They are handed in from the Vanguard UI window remotely, so there are no detours required. From the ones I’ve completed so far, the rewards were XP and crystals for slotting in your armour or weapons.

The death throes of our first Big Ass Monster!

The death throes of our first Big Ass Monster!

We have zoomed through the first outdoor zone in no time and find ourselves at level 20, on the brink of entering the first dungeon (Bastion of Lok). I’m looking forward to our next session to get back into group healing proper in this game!

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