LOTRO: Minas Tirith and contrasting content

I played a double session of LOTRO yesterday, set in and around Minas Tirith, as I work my way through Volume 4 Book 4 of the Epic storyline (wiki link).


I’m still mostly focused on the Epic storyline: I’m making use of rested XP bonus and am handing in task items where possible. There are *so* many quests in zones that for this main character, I’d rather focus on progression and levelling. I have plenty of alts in LOTRO and I’ll want untouched side/zone quests to keep some variety to their journey.


I do sometimes take the side-quests that a NPC happens to offer me while I’m busy working through the Epic questline. After a long session in the narrow, zig-zagging streets of the city; I did feel the need for some open horizons. Thankfully the Epic storyline conveniently took me outside to the North Rammas wall and surrounding fields. I even had an old quest in my log to go there, dating back to my initial arrival in the city.

Failing to screenshot the lightning in the Eastern sky.

Failing to screenshot the lightning in the Eastern sky.

It’s one aspect of LOTRO that I enjoy. The game’s levelling experience has a great variety of content. There are very tightly focused sub-zones with high quest density and opportunities to grind XP fast. Then there are the ‘roaming’ quests that send you on a wider journey out into the beautiful landscapes. Having options with a different pace is pretty important in gaming especially on repeat play-throughs on alt characters.

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2 Responses to LOTRO: Minas Tirith and contrasting content

  1. Minas Tirith is really quite well done, even though there are perhaps even *too many* quests (took me weeks to get through them all), if there is such a thing! I just wish they could do something about the random crashes and the insane lag of mounted steeds in the area.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’m surprised by how much I love the city. I would have expected to tire of the back and forth between levels but the city is so atmospheric and the questing is such a change of pace, compared to the fighting in the fields and racing from village to village beforehand, that I find it really engaging.

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