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WoW: Legion unleashed

The timing of the launch of the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft meant, for UK customers, that it launched at 11:00pm on Monday evening (29th). That day the servers had been hopping and our guild was super busy with … Continue reading

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Calm before the (demonic) storm

It’s that special time – the calm before the storm when a major MMO expansion is about to release. I’ve resisted the urge to double-down on invasion running in an attempt to level all of the characters, using last week’s … Continue reading

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WoW: who to play in Legion?

The launch of the new World of Warcraft expansion next week brings with it the dilemma of which characters to concentrate on playing first. It’s more complex than in the past given this expansion’s new leveling zones combined with the … Continue reading

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EQ2: free heroic (level 95) character

Kind of a public service announcement post today. Daybreak is offering a free heroic (level 95) character on any account if claimed by 6th September. My Shadowknight was dinged from the low teens to level 85 using the original heroic … Continue reading

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WoW: Invasion thoughts

One week after re-subbing to World of Warcraft (via Token), I’ve had the opportunity to play quite a few of the Invasion events on various characters so here are some spoiler-light impressions. Alongside the titular events are the two sections … Continue reading

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LOTRO: finally there (105)

Without really paying that much attention to it, the last level of my champion flew by during recent Lord of the Rings Online gaming sessions. He now stands at the current cap of level 105 – my first ever character … Continue reading

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DDO: instance scale (and Karazhan)

We played another session of our new Dungeons & Dragons Online trio earlier in the week. In that time we managed to quickly wrap up the final quests on the Isle of Korthos and to transition across to Stormreach city … Continue reading

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