Summer heat

This summer has been rather lovely so far – plenty of sunshine and some pretty warm weather. That has impacted on my gaming time somewhat as I’ve been tempted out to go for walks a lot more than I have in recent years. It does mean I get to give Pokemon Go a bit of a try; it’s never going to be the prime reason why I go out, but rather something to do while I’m already out and about.

Drowzees like coffee it seems...

Drowzees like coffee it seems…

As for MMORPGs I’ve had made some good progress these last couple of months on old goals – I’ve levelled my Wildstar Engineer to cap and a Shadowknight to the cap in Everquest 2. After a break of a few weeks I think it’s probably time to get back on with levelling my Champion in LOTRO – hitting the cap in that game would be a really long-standing goal ticked off the list.

I notice, via Massively, that there’s a “log back in” campaign just started for Final Fantasy 14; ironic as the husband and I were only talking about this game last night – the reasons why we’ll probably not go back remain the same: there’s the sub and the vast amount of quests we have to dig through just to get to the expansion that we actually want to be playing.

We also have plenty to look forward to as we edge towards August, as next month will bring some big gaming updates:

-Neverwinter has its latest campaign launching (Storm King’s Thunder). Our recent foray back into the game’s levelling zones has me interested enough to want to get one of my level 60 characters to the cap ready for that.

-SWTOR will release the final chapter to the KOTFE expansion storyline on the 11th August. I’m as excited as anyone to see the conclusion of the expansion’s story. There’s also the announcement recently that the next expansion is coming not too long after – Knights of the Eternal Throne will launch in the Autumn.

-WoW’s Legion expansion launches at the very end of the month. It’s a given we’ll be in the game again by then, I have mixed feelings of what I’ve been reading about the class changes but I’ll see for myself when we decide to jump back in. I may well have to change my main character again though.

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