SWTOR: Heroic tier Light vs Dark

So I hit level 25 on my Light-side Sith Warrior yesterday and was rewarded with the first tier rewards of the Light vs Dark event. As well an achievement and in-game title, I also received a bunch of packs.


I do not, as a general rule, ever buy lockbox type cash-shop items – RNG isn’t kind to me, I find. So it was a bit unusual to have a bunch of them to open. From the five packs I received, I obtained the following random loot:

  • A blank orange-quality lightsaber – I’ve never bothered much with cosmetic lightsabers, the hilts are so small relative to your character I barely notice the differences when using them.
  • A major exploration XP boost consumable.
  • A major social boost consumable.
  • 3x different sets of armour – Revan lower body, Ceremonial Mystic upper body and Revered Seer’s Supplementary body armour.
  • 3x rank 5 companion gifts.
  • A Minas Iris racing pod mount.


Of those, the mount is probably the one I value the most; new mounts are always welcome. It’s bound, like all of the items, which is rather a shame as I’m unlikely to play this character much beyond this event.

Speaking of the event, the next tier of rewards comes after reaching level 50 and completing three specific flashpoints. That may be doable, depending on when the event finishes, but with WoW’s expansion launch approaching and my desire for some variety of gaming I’m not convinced I’ll take him that far.

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