Wildstar: ding level 50!

Despite my concerns I wouldn’t have time to play enough last weekend, I did indeed ding my Engineer level 50 – going from level 41 to the cap in three shortish play-sessions.


Very happy to have reached level 50 finally, especially as I can now go look at Arcterra and see what all the capped players are up to in-game. Otherwise I’m not sure whether I’ll go the completionist route and finish levelling his technologist and gathering professions (his relic hunting is waaaay behind now), or whether I’ll start on an alt to get a different viewpoint on some of the leveling content. I certainly have plenty of options.

By absolute fluke during all this levelling , I happen to have earned exactly enough omnibits to buy my first Snarfelynx mount – the summer one is currently on sale, although I’m not sure when it’ll vanish from the store. I can afford it on one character, which is the bind, I do want one but somehow I don’t think it will suit my Engineer. If I manage to save up enough omnibits (another 40% or so more) then I could plump for the account unlock to save having to choose.


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  1. Clay says:

    Congrats on the Omnibits and the level 50! 🙂

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