TSW: Issue 14, a coop perspective

We played through Issue 14, Call of the Nameless, in The Secret World this weekend. We’d been on the verge of buying it for some time but wanted to have a good chunk of time free to give to playing it. Overall I think it took us approximately four and a half hours of gameplay to complete the new missions. This is some impressions from a coop playthrough perspective, as always I’ll avoid spoilers where I can but the screenshots may have some unintended ones in them.


The Issue’s story is woven into a linear arc of puzzle and action missions, with some one-step missions that act as bread-crumb trails to lead you between the different zones. These bread-crumb missions are mostly called “An Interlude…”. There are six main missions and four side missions that are repeatable content (wiki list). Although there are no sabotage missions, there are some moments of the missions that are edging on the “precision of movement” gameplay that is common in TSW sabotage content.


An investigation is underway

Although there are only two official investigation missions, the chain as a whole has a great investigative atmosphere to it. Certainly some of the action missions also require some thought as well, despite the emphasis on combat.

Getting hands-on with the past...

Getting hands-on with the past…

The fights for the most part were easy enough – this is solo mission content after all. Early on there are some “work out the trick” moments that can be a challenge to work through. Thankfully the relatively low-cost death penalty in the game allows you to work things out by trial-and-error if you can’t guess the trick at first – if there were clues in-game we didn’t see them. There are also some “avoid at all costs” monsters later on in the series. It’s fun as an occasional break from the norm to be reminded that our characters aren’t all-powerful – the devs have used this device a couple of times in the past.

What horrors await us below?

What horrors await us below?

The Issue worked well for our trio coop playstyle with a couple of minor bugs. In one case one of us failed to update a step as we were out of range while roaming around the open world – thankfully the NPC respawned soon enough and a second kill caught us all back up to the same step. We had some issues later on with mechanisms that try to prevent you from going backwards – if the group doesn’t keep close together you can get locked out of a fight or even a puzzle. I suppose that’s no different to boss-fights in dungeons though – “stick together at all times” is a good motto!

This Issue was really good fun to play through. We did most of the content in one epic playthrough, although we could repeat it to hunt for a couple of lore objects that we missed or to grab the achievements we failed on the first attempt.

Really looking forward to another substantial story-content Issue like this, here’s hoping some news of Issue 16 will come soon!

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2 Responses to TSW: Issue 14, a coop perspective

  1. Sylow says:

    Nicely written up. I also think that TSW by now has learned to be meant to be played in group. I mean, nothing in issue 14 is unfairly hard, but the experience is much better with several people.

    Not only are all parts accessible in group, they mostly also work better in one. Even the investigation parts are much more enjoyable when solving them with friends. I played them together with my girl, and whenever one didn’t get one clue, the other one found the missing pointer or information at some time.

    There’s only one part in the pyramid, where we didn’t notice the pointers and mapped by “move one square, paint the result on your map, rinse and repeat” method. But by now i was told about what i was missing, so my “brute force mapping” method would’ve been avoidable by looking a bit closer.

    • Telwyn says:

      It was a blast to play through. I hope future content is equally group-friendly! We had to laugh on the one part of the Pyramid – I found the first five of the “find six thingies” objective – like I was some tomb-robbing ninja.. šŸ˜‰

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