Wildstar: bonus XP!

Sadly I had forgotten about this weekend being a bonus XP weekend in Wildstar. So it was only this morning, when I logged into the game to level my Engineer, that I realised the event was on. My Engi was level 41 at the start of the session and I’d had the “go to Malgrave” mission for some time. Since I was in Thayd already, it was too tempting to go see something new – despite not quite having finished the zone story in Wilderrun yet.


While running missions in this Robo-cultist area, I was reminded just how positive a thing open-tagging can be in a MMO. A Dominion Engineer entered the mine just after me, and in many MMOs that would then start off a passive-aggressive tit-for-tat on who tags mobs first. In Wildstar, we were able to happily jog through doing our own thing, but occasionally joining forces for mission-completion counts or on the tougher mobs. Likewise the “click the thing” mission objectives were personal, not shared/competitive.


All spiders are evil and must be destroyed…

Hopefully I’ll sneak in at least one more session before the event ends, although as per usual we have some plans this weekend so I can’t sit and race my character to 50. Still any bonus helps when game-time is short!



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