EQ2: Race to Trakanon

So the new ‘event server’ is now available in Everquest 2: Race to Trakanon. Normally I wouldn’t be that interested to jump on the bandwagon, the time-locked “maximum nostalgia” servers haven’t grabbed my attention. This time, however, Daybreak have dangled the carrot of a rather achievable account-level reward for taking part: get a character to level 10 and you get a rainbow-feathered pegasus unlocked for all characters.

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Thanks to a previous collector’s edition, for Age of Malice, I already have the rather noisy Pterodon flying mount on any eligible characters. That’s a good mount that gives some lovely stats in addition to its flight ability.


But I’m a bit of a sucker for pegasi, they’re just lovely looking mounts. So I’ve recreated my original EQ2 character, an Inquisitor, this time as a Templar on this event server. Even given my limited gaming time at the moment I’m pretty sure I can get level 10 before the deadline for the reward on the 26th July.


I’m not used how the game used to be, difficulty-wise, as I started with the EQ2X experiment with free-to-play (5 or so years after launch). This event server comes with a bunch of restrictions compared to the live game; notably reduced experience gain, none of the usual bonuses to XP (e.g. the 20%+ bonus from having a level capped character) and tougher monsters. So far it seems fine, I’m killing stuff on the Isle of Refuge without feeling fights are too much of a slog. I may have to quickly create a new level 1 on the Skyfire server to see how the live experience differs as it’s been so long since I started a new character I can’t judge if there’s much difference.

Always with the spiders...

Always spiders…

The Isle of Refuge starter experience is a new thing to me – it’s the classic starter zone that the devs removed in favour of the various racial starter zones that are available on live. I have none of the nostalgia associations with the Isle that longer-term players may feel; personally I prefer the variety of having six different potential starter zones over all characters being funneled through the one.

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  2. bhagpuss says:

    You don’t have to start on the Isle. You can just speak to the Captain as soon as you arrive and have him send you to the full available range of starting zones for your Alignment. As a “good” ratonga I had the choice of Qeynos, Kelethin or Frostfang. I chose Qeynos.

    And yes, I’m there for the pegasus too.

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks. I did just discover that a few hours ago after I’d gone full circle around the island and looped back to the ship.

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